building Sand Castles: you experiment and shape until you find the right model.

Innovation, we all have to deal with it sooner or later. But how do you innovate, where to start?
Children experiment all the time, it’s their way of learning.
I often hear people say they innovate, but in reality they still do the same things: following a prefab structure and trying to avoid errors.
KrullSolutions supports you and your team in experimenting with new technologies, methodologies and business models.
We help you with learning new Skills, preparing your Organisation for future growth and experimenting and building new Systems SOS .

Looking for support during your Innovation Journey?
Don’t know where or how to start innovating and looking for the right network, skills or temporary capacity?
Or just want to learn about the latest developments in the tech world?

Nice to meet you.

Since 2011 KrullSolutions is supporting organisations by restructuring and innovating their systems, their organisational structures and the skill sets of their teams.

We have been supporting organisations from all sizes and backgrounds, public and private, corporates to startups and everything in between.

For every challenge and scenario of your Innovation Journey, we have the right experts at hand to help you. With a customised approach we inspire, train and coach. If we cannot deliver it ourselves we have the right network for you, we only work with high quality Business Partners. And most importantly, we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Personally, based on almost 25 years experience as a senior tech leader, in both the Corporate as well as the Startup world, I decided to share my experiences and help organisations with their Digital Transformation & Innovation Challenges. I inspire, coach, teach, support and help you build not only future state systems but also strong and ready-for-growth teams.

Crucial in inspiring others is to translate the often difficult tech themes into ‘normal’ language. So, if you have a question, feel free to ask, it’s a sign of curiosity, which is the basis for Continuous Learning.

What do we mean by Innovation Journey? Scroll down and read further…
Curious about the Innovation stages LearnDreamBuild? Go directly to Approach.

KrullSolutions, for a customised approach, the latest trends and inspiration to look beyond traditional horizons. SOS!

Nice to meet you!

Best regards,

Manuela Krull-Mancinelli

Director KrullSolutions

Innovation Journey

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to innovation. As new technologies are entering our world faster and faster you can imagine many things are going to change.
The question is: what exactly will change and how will you be impacted?

All organisations – whether small, big, private or public – start to wonder if they should act now or can afford to postpone action. One way or the other, at some point in time, you will review your strategy and start thinking about innovating.

Sounds easy, but how and where do you start innovating? How to get the buy in from your colleagues?

KrullSolutions can support you during your entire Innovation Journey. It starts with awareness, inspiration and learning new skills. Once you know enough (do you ever know enough?…) you probably want to start experimenting with new technologies or new methodologies. Trying to create new business models using the latest new techniques. Or maybe you want to set up a startup or scale your startup to the next level?

The output of these experiments is typically something you take seriously and want to bring further.

During all of these scenarios KrullSolutions can support you.

There is no ‘one size fits all’, however it’s always about SOS: Skills, Organisation and Systems. Are you ready for it?

About us

Founded in 2011, Krull Solutions has been delivering
Digital Transformation Services from the start.

In 2015 Innovation Services
were added to the portfolio.

Creativity & Structure are at the core of everything we do,
inspiring people to be curious.

We believe that curiosity is the basis for Continuous Learning.

News, Articles & Events

In order to network and learn from each other an innovation community ‘SmartCommunity’ has been set up. It is a Meetup group which organises events in the area of Business & newtech, with topics related to either the tech side or the business side of innovation.

If you register on SmartCommunity you’ll get updates about the upcoming events. However due to the pandemic we stopped the onsite events and are discussing a new format. Stay tuned.

Interested in video’s made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs? Go to our YouTube channel ‘AllyTown‘, where we started this small scale experiment.


Looking for support during your Innovation Journey? Searching for specific skills, want to be part of a growing innovative network or just looking for more capacity?
Feel welcome to connect. If we cannot help you ourselves we can probably link you to someone who can.

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